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Counselling Services; I am John Graham, I am an integrative counsellor, and I am registered with the BACP. I provide an empathic, supportive space where you can feel safe to open up and feel seen and heard for who you are. I understand the pressures people can put upon themselves, which are unhelpful and can lead to damaging coping strategies. I will work with you to identify healthier ways of managing anxiety, low self-esteem and further underlying issues. I feel passionate in the potential of therapy to support you through difficult times in your life. Integrative counselling with John I have an integrative approach, meaning that I draw on several ways of working according to what a client’s needs might be. We will work together to identify patterns of behaviour and thoughts that may be causing difficulties in your life. By looking at these patterns and the experiences that underlie them, we can work to make changes that will lead to better psychological health and well-being. I am also trained in hypnotherapy and can offer that alongside therapy when appropriate, if you think it may be useful in our work together.

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